Media Coverage of Unburnable Carbon 2013

Here are a selection of the major news releases on the Unburnable Carbon 2013: Wasted capital and stranded assets report, in no particular order. We can’t capture every blog and comments piece on the report, of which there are many more, but we thank everyone for helping drive the narrative of ‘Unburnable carbon’ forward.

Carbon bubble will plunge the world into another financial crisis – Report, The Guardian

Fossil fuel funding grossly inconsistent with warming limits, Sydney Morning Herald and Brisbane Times

Carbon-intensive investors risk $6trillion bubble, study says, Bloomberg News

Fossil fuels and vested interests: A society in denial, The Guardian

Burn our planet or face financial meltdown: Not much of a choice, The Guardian

Firms own ‘unburnable fossil fuels’, BBC News

How your pension is being used in a $6trillion climate gamble, The Guardian

Unburnable fuel, The Economist

After bubbles in Dotcom and housing, here’s the carbon bubble, Wall Street Journal

Interview with Jeremy Leggett, Alliance Magazine

Energy sector seen as threat to stability, Financial Times

Fossil fuels are a waste of billions, Huffington Post Canada

The carbon bubble, Huffington Post

Communicating climate risks to investors: The next major ratings failure, The World Bank

The value of energy assets, Nick Butler, Financial Times

Earth Day debate: Is there a ‘carbon bubble’?, New York Times

Carbon bubble could fuel another global economic crisis, report warns, The Telegraph

Reality is intruding on extreme claims of climate change alarmists, City AM

Forget the tech bubble, the carbon bubble could cost trillions, The Vancouver Observer

Carbone: une bulle de 6 000 milliards de dollars menace les marchés, Le Monde

Carbon asset bubbles set to burst, Touchstone Blog

The 23 trillion dollar question: How green is your pension, WWF UK

Carbon bubble puts $6trillion of new investments at risk, Renew Economy

Governments warned $6trillion carbon bubble will blow 2°C climate target, Responding to Climate Change

Unburnable carbon, Friends of the Earth, UK

Fossil fuels ‘risk being wasted assets’, Climate News Network

The carbon bubble: Are we exploring for fossil fuels we don’t need?, DeSmog Blog