What is Carbon Tracker?

Carbon Tracker is a not for profit financial think tank aimed at enabling a climate secure global energy market by aligning capital market actions with climate reality.

“Carbon Tracker has changed the financial language of climate change.”

Carbon Tracker won the Guardian Sustainable business Award for Innovation in Communicating Sustainability in May 2014 and in May 2015.


Sense and Sensitivity: Maximising Value with a 2D Portfolio

(May 2016) Carbon sensitivity Continuing Carbon Tracker’s focus on upstream capex for new oil and gas projects, we have developed a Carbon Sensitivity Analysis. This brings together low carbon demand scenarios with oil price and discount rate sensitivity to understand how reducing...

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Lost in Transition: How the energy sector is missing potential demand destruction

This report is designed to challenge the conventional thinking and linear models which dominate the current scenarios for energy futures. The greatest risks and opportunities will arise from more dramatic shifts rather than business as usual or incremental change. There is increasing investor interest in what analysis is useful to test business strategies and demonstrate resilience in a low carbon future. This follows on from engagement and resolutions at the oil majors.

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Bloomberg Annual Equity Forum

Event / Past Event
May 24 2016 / 4:00
City Gate House 39-45, Finsbury Square, London, EC2A 1PY

Mark Campanale, CTI’s founder, will be speaking at Bloomberg’s Annual Equity Forum

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