Carbon Tracker is launching a new research series which will identify the highest cost highest risk projects in the oil, coal and gas sectors.

In April 2013, the Carbon Tracker Initiative alerted the financial world that $674bn is invested annually in what might prove to be "unburnable" fossil fuel assets leading to potentially stranded assets. Today, this new research series will map company exposure to these assets.

Launch Event 8th May 2014
Unburnable Carbon 2011 Report

Carbon Bubble

Unburnable Carbon – Are the world’s financial markets carrying a carbon bubble? In March 2012, Carbon Tracker’s seminal report ‘Unburnable Carbon’ was Highly Commended in the City of London’s Sustainability Awards. This award-winning analysis by Carbon Tracker discovers that: Already in 2011,…

Unburnable Carbon Report 2013

Wasted capital

Unburnable carbon 2013: Wasted capital and stranded assets This new research from Carbon Tracker and the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at LSE calls for regulators, governments and investors to re-evaluate energy business models against carbon…

infographic oil basins1

Carbon Supply Cost Curves. Financial Risk to Oil Capex.

We are launching of a new research series which identifies the highest carbon content highest priced assets with potential for future development, mapping company exposure to these assets. This new report extends the notion of a carbon budget to market…

Carbon Tracker bridges the carbon and the financial agendas

"Having written my first report on climate change in 1978, I have been dutifully tracking the evolving science for half a lifetime, but only on Friday 15 July 2011 did I truly feel that the climate, carbon and financial agendas had been spot-welded in a way that potentially brings all of this right home to people such as asset owners, rating agencies, brokers, analysts, investment bankers, accountants, data providers and financial regulators."

John Elkington Executive chairman of Volans, Co-founder of SustainAbility

Carbon Tracker research as investment tool

“Carbon Tracker's work on Unburnable Carbon should be compulsory reading for anyone in finance. Asset managers, regulators and ratings agencies need to make sure they are not on the wrong side of this issue.”

Michael Liebreich Founder Bloomberg New Energy Finance

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