Join us for an event at Imperial College London to discuss the disruptive power of low-carbon technologies.

With the solar and electric car industries growing rapidly, and political efforts to halt climate change becoming ever more ambitious, the energy and transport sectors look set to change dramatically over the next few years. Is peak oil on the horizon, and are we ready?

Christiana Figueres, former Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and convener of Mission 2020, will open the event and discuss the recent findings of Expect the Unexpected: The Disruptive Power of Low-Carbon Technology, a report produced by the Grantham Institute and Carbon Tracker Initiative.

A panel discussion with key representatives of the energy and transport sectors will follow.

Achieving climate stability will require deep and widespread changes in the global energy and transport sectors, but business-as-usual projections continue to present a future energy system that is very similar to that of today.

This report explores the extent to which ongoing cost reductions could see solar photovoltaics and electric vehicles impact future demand for coal, oil and gas. These findings will be discussed to help inform companies and investors on the usefulness of business-as-usual scenarios and the need to integrate disruptive technologies in future protections.

Join us for an engaging conversation, followed by a drinks reception

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