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We carry out scenario analysis to examine and understand how potential changes to supply and demand will impact the future of fossil fuel-exposed companies and projects. This analysis helps the investment community better understand the financial implications of tackling climate change

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Energy transition Report 12 September 2019

The Speed of the Energy Transition

Gradual or Rapid Energy Transition: What path are we on? The energy industry is complex, and understanding the major trends changing the...
Energy transition Blog 11 September 2019

The Energy Transition Fork in the Road

The Amazon is burning, Greenland is melting, the US is rolling back environmental protections, and the energy sector consensus is that we...
Energy transition Analyst Note 05 September 2019

The Trillion Dollar Energy Windfall

Falling renewable costs and intermittency solutions drive a tipping point for the Inevitable Policy Response The Inevitable Policy...

The Decline Rate Delusion

Energy transition Analyst Note April 2019

The argument is often made that oil reserves have high natural decline rates which necessitate the continuous investment in and...

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When capex met climate

Climate risk disclosure Blog February 2019

BP and Glencore announce plans to link fossil fuel investments to Paris Agreement goals 2019 is shaping up to be the year in...

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Scope for Improvement

Oil Analyst Note January 2019

Why carbon intensity ambitions are welcome, but strict limits on future project sanction remain the route to Paris...

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Electric Vehicle Tracker

Oil Analyst Note December 2017

Headlines Growth of electric vehicles (EVs) in scenarios developed by some oil majors is ten years behind the level expected...

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Statoil: U-turn on EVs?

Energy transition Blog June 2017

Does the oil major’s 2017 Energy Perspectives mark new thinking for the company? On June 8th, Statoil published the 2017...

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Here comes the sun

Coal Blog May 2017

Cost reductions of India’s solar revolution should serve as a warning to coal investors This week solar PV prices in India...

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